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Who We Can Help

Dr. Suntken using equipmentSuntken Family Chiropractic is home to a diverse patient community. We care for patients both young and old, with varying conditions and levels of comfort. To tend to a broader spectrum of needs, we offer a series of different adjustment methods including:

  • The Diversified Technique – One of the most common adjusting methods. This manual technique involves a high velocity, low-amplitude thrust to encourage correction.
  • Gonstead Technique – A manual adjustment that involves a precise thrust to encourage correction.
  • Thompson Technique – Relies on a full spinal assessment and drop table to correct subluxations. As the drop pieces take the brunt of the force, this adjustment is known for being extremely gentle.
  • Activator Method® – An instrument-assisted method of adjustment. This form of care uses a special tool to deliver a direct impulse of force to the spine. This can restore motion to specific spinal vertebra or joints.

Each of these chiropractic techniques has something to offer. For example, if you are less comfortable with hands-on care, you may prefer Activator Method®. If you would rather undergo a manual adjustment, the Diversified technique might be better for you.

Our Approach

While Suntken Family Chiropractic specializes in corrective care, we also offer relief care and maintenance care. Please note that relief does not always equal correction. A symptom can temporarily subside, returning if the source of problem is not identified and addressed.

Contact us for deeper insight into our approach to chiropractic care!

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